Yearly Archives: 2016

For What it’s Worth

I wanted to start this piece by saying “What CanLit doesn’t need right now is…” but I’m not sure how to finish that sentence. Another voice? Maybe. Or maybe it does. Perpetuation of an argument? I don’t think it is an argument. I am under no illusion that anyone actually […]

Clearwater and the Perseids

  This past year, I have realized just how well a person can get to know the things that are important to a writer from what they write. I’ve discussed these deep connections and obsessions with many authors, including Peter Oliva, Lawrence Hill, Alissa York. In a way, people seeing […]

Sage Hill and Full Circle

  Four days later, and I still can’t put into words what going to Sage Hill this year meant to me. Conferences and retreats and residencies have always been a little bit magical for me, for the most part because of the people I meet. I have done enough of […]

The River

Funny how quickly you realize a house isn’t what makes a home. I don’t miss my old house. (I do still miss the floor – probably always will.) What I do miss already, though, are my old running routes. Before I even moved into the area, I drove over and […]

Now You Know 1

Well, that’s that. The answer I’ve been looking for – what it means to be Gomeshied. I understand the legalities of the thing. I understand innocent until proven etc. etc. That’s not what this is about. Gomeshied means status quo. Gomeshied means sit down and be quiet. It means someone […]

Addendum to Endings…um…

So – yesterday’s post caused a bit of concern amongst my friends and family. Don’t be. Please. The time time for concern was when I was in, as Anne of Green Gables would say, “The Depths of Despair.” And we all know what Marilla said about that. (If you don’t […]

Endings 5

I have written and rewritten this post so many times – that’s why such a long delay. I start with the intention of not allowing the hurt I’ve felt drive my words, but it’s clear that it still does. I fear if I don’t write them, they will clog my […]

Hearing me – Teaching Part 1b 1

Beware: Herein lies a clumsy comparison between gardening and teaching. To write about these past two years is supposed to be freeing and healing. And it is. To go unheard for that long left a lot of unsaid words stuck in my throat. It’s been a difficult thing to talk about, […]