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Occupations and Preoccupations

Another month has gone by! I went back through old posts, and it’s nice to see there is a progression, or progress, small as it is. I’ve spent much of the past year-and-a-half forcing a writing life that felt like the embodiment of dryer lint stuck in my throat. I’ve […]

June Post

As I mentioned in my last post, I seem to have lost any sense of creativity for blogging. Part of it is just being worn out. June is always challenging, but this year seemed more intense than usual. That said, I always end the year grateful for my time with […]

Procrastination Revelation

Well, mere hours from another deadline, I post. My will to blog is flagging. I have started a tinyletter about teaching and learning. Feel free to subscribe – Posts are not very frequent yet, but I’m spending a lot more time at school, and would love to share some stories, […]

March Post Mid-April

I really did write a post while in London! However, it doesn’t really reflect my feelings on the place, so I suppose I’ll just post some pictures. Lately, I want to write about so many things going on that I can’t narrow them down. Today I wrote 500 words about my […]

Another Year…

With only a few hours to go in the month, I need to post a blog to keep my Twelve in ’17 – one post per month – promise to myself. I’ve written two pieces for the blog this month, and have posted neither. One seemed too silly and simple, […]