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Kim McCullough is an author and teacher living in Calgary, Alberta.

Change – I hope it is coming

I am feeling more than a little guilty that I have not added anything new for over a month. Not really sure I have anything useful to say. I think this Obama “Change” theme is infiltrating my subconscious.  In one of my previous entries I wrote that it seemed so […]

Right person, right place, right time

A few years back, a friend was explaining she felt that failed relationships/colossal mistakes were sent to us by a higher power, the universe, whatever, to teach us lessons about ourselves.  Somehow this ties into experience being the greatest educator or something and I remember thinking at the time that […]

The State of Things

I have found myself escaping into fiction a lot in the past few weeks.  If I actually admitted to the number of novels I have read, people would start to wonder who is looking after my kids. Once I realized I was using the word “escape” to describe my forays […]


So, Facebook. Tonight, a girl I barely remember from high school poked me. When I received it, I IM’d my hubby, telling him that this girl I didn’t really like or know wanted to be my “friend”. To be honest, I think I always found her to be a little […]