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Memoir of a Good Death – Anne Sorbie

Memoir of a Good Death is the first novel by Calgary author Anne Sorbie. The story is narrated alternately by real estate expert Rhegan and her mother Sarah, and details their struggles to come to terms with the death of Rhegan’s father and ultimately with their own fractured relationship. The […]

Mennonites Don’t Dance-Darcie Friesen Hossack

Catch of the Day Mennonites Don’t Dance is a finely-crafted collection of short stories by Darcie Friesen Hossack. Set in and around Swift Current (and Calgary) they are universal in that they deal with the expectations and hopes and disappointments and unkindnesses we’ve all experienced. The stories are original and […]

Beautiful Girl Thumb – Melissa Steele

Just the title of Melissa Steele’s short story collection leads a reader to expect something different and beguiling. Beautiful Girl Thumb is a collection of original and contemporary tales that will shock you, make you laugh, then, mid-giggle, will smack you upside the head with deep and true revelations. The […]

The White Bone – Barbara Gowdy

Catch of the Day The White Bone By: Barbara Gowdy I’d picked this book up off the shelf at the library a dozen times and put it back. I even checked it out twice. But I never got past the fact it was about elephants. How could a book told […]

The Peep Diaries – Hal Niedzviecki

Catch of the Day The Peep Diaries by Hal Niedzevicki I have always had a little crush on Hal, founder of Broken Pencil. I like the way he takes risks when choosing fiction. I always laugh out loud at the stories posted on the website, and wish I could be […]

Advice for Italian Boys – Anne Giardini

Advice for Italian Boys – Anne Giardini It is so easy to get lost in a story that is, above all, authentic. Advice for Italian Boys by Vancouver’s Anne Giardini glows with authenticity – her characters ring true, even to someone without a drop of Italian blood in her body. […]