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Right from Wrong

I seem to have been given the wrong impression.  For some reason, I thought this parenting thing was supposed to get easier once the kids were out of diapers and could get their own snacks. Two things happened this week that made me realize just how difficult it is to […]

Change – I hope it is coming

I am feeling more than a little guilty that I have not added anything new for over a month. Not really sure I have anything useful to say. I think this Obama “Change” theme is infiltrating my subconscious.  In one of my previous entries I wrote that it seemed so […]


So, Facebook. Tonight, a girl I barely remember from high school poked me. When I received it, I IM’d my hubby, telling him that this girl I didn’t really like or know wanted to be my “friend”. To be honest, I think I always found her to be a little […]