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Change – I hope it is coming

I am feeling more than a little guilty that I have not added anything new for over a month.

Not really sure I have anything useful to say.
I think this Obama “Change” theme is infiltrating my subconscious.  In one of my previous entries I wrote that it seemed so many of the people I care about are going through tough times right now, like there was some kind of hideous planetary misalignment that knocked everyone on their asses.
Perhaps, it is just a harbinger of change.  Things have to get worse before they can get better, or something.  I felt really inspired, not only by some of the messages Obama was getting out there, but more than that, by the people themselves, people who were getting off their butts and doing something to make change happen.  I was reading an article that discussed Obama’s fundraising ability, and how he put Clinton to shame – and how it was not the Big Cheeses with millions that made the difference, but the multitude of everyday people who put what they could into supporting him.  Drops in the bucket, so to speak.
Every year I introduce my students to a song by Steven Bell (On the Wings of an Eagle). It is a song based on Isaiah 39.  We have a discussion about that old workplace poster “It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys.”  We discuss the symbol of the eagle, and why it was chosen in the Bible, and for the song.
I have a boy in my class who is pretty on the ball-not just gifted, but aware, plugged in…it was the first time the connection was made between the eagle and the US.  We ended up having quite the conversation about the symbolism of the great bird, and its correlation to independence and strength.  I use the song as a call to self-improvement for the kids, pride in themselves, and being vigilant in their own rise. (you can be a turkey or an eagle-or in a broader more inclusive sense, a sparrow, or a duck)
 I put up a bulletin board and didn’t notice until it was done that I had done it all in red and blue.  Oops.  For someone who is in no way an American flag waver (who could be after the past eight years? The way Canadians have been swept aside as useless?) I was shocked that my subconscious outed me.  Either that or those were just the two colours of paper that were available.
When you look at the state we are in, things have become about as bad as they can be.  Environmentally, financially and diplomatically in public, and just as bad in the homes of those close to me who are struggling.  So now is the time things have to start getting better.
The other morning, when I heard the news that Obama had put in motion steps to close Guantanamo Bay, I had to catch my breath.  It’s like the US has regained its sanity.  It must have been hard to decide to do that-I think of my son being held there, and I want it closed, but then I think of someone from there killing my son, and I want to do whatever it takes to keep my loved ones safe.  But Obama has not said he is releasing anyone, as far as I know.  I believe he has a plan to try these people according to the law.  I have been following this story (yes, through liberal media) and I am appalled at what I have found out about the tactics used in the name of safety, and in the name of God.
I was also glad to hear the new President’s first trip will be to Canada.  I think it is high time those relations were repaired.
I watched the Larry King “interview” of the Bushes the other night.  W was very defensive, and Laura came across as a 50’s housewife who had no clue what her husband did at work.  Of course, she did make clear that she knows what all of us know, what the media reports.  Sheesh.  She said she is going to write a book.  I won’t be rushing out to get her unique take on what she didn’t know about her husband.
W sleeps fine at night.  He should read the latest Vanity Fair, where all the major lowlights of his presidency are listed, right from winning the election through a Supreme Court decision to how he handled the financial market collapse.  Luckily he has passed an edict stating he and his buddies cannot be prosecuted for the decisions they made in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Well, this post wandered quite far from my intent.
I guess the next big question is – who is going to make the change in Canada?  Who is going to light a fire under the asses of the people in this country?  We need change here, too.  In our leadership, but at home, too.  It’s time for all of us to make some resolutions and clean up – at home, the environment, the government.
Book of the Week – At Work by Annie Leibovitz
Song of the Week – Hotel California by The Eagles (cause as Cael would say, I “killed” it on Guitar Hero)
Okay, it was on the Easy setting.  Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

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