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Clearwater Cover Reveal


Here it is – the finalized cover for Clearwater.  I’m really happy with the way two photos were combined to reflect the themes in the book. I’m especially excited that one of the images Coteau used is an actual photo of Clearwater Lake taken by a talented Manitoba photographer (and former Airport kid) named Curtis Bouvier. Because the photo was layered with another to create the cover, you don’t get the full effect of Curtis’s talent, so you should check out his  flickr, here.

His image was also used on the first option cover for the book, which can still be seen, along with the  book’s summary, in Coteau’s Fall 2013 catalogue on their website, here.

The cover was finalized around the same time I sent off my final edits to Kathryn Cole, my editor. It’s been a busy spring, but things have come together.

Now, onto planning book launches!





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