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Since my recent interview with the fabulous Michelle Barker was posted, I’ve had a few people asking about the musical playlists associated with Clearwater, and the characters that inhabit that world. The music played and listened to by Claire, Jeff, and Daniel was a big part of earlier drafts of the book, but many of the references were cut during the editing phase.

I thought I would share a few tunes that I think reflect the people and events of the story, whether through lyrics or music that is mentioned in the book. The music I listened to while writing and editing included these songs, as well as many more from every musical genre and era.

Greg Drummond, Heaven or Hell

This is a recent song I first heard at Fernie’s Wapiti Music Fest. There’s something about Drummond’s description of the north that I like. Also, this: “We can’t deny the beauty that lies within this land/could change everything.” And, “Many miles we have come just to see where the line would break.”


Melissa McClelland, Brake (the version without Sarah MacLachlan is much better.)

This one is the end credits song. “…time won’t wait for us/Our past is all used up/The gutter fills and sinks away.”


Sweet Talk Radio, Fly Away

“We roll the windows down/To feel the air and hear the sound/As our wings leave the ground”


Elton John, Levon

A song that came up on my iPod mix while running, it made its way into one of the scenes I found most difficult to write.


The Cure, Boys Don’t Cry

The Cure is mentioned, briefly, in the second half of the book, when Jeff says that the local radio station was always ten years behind. This is a fact.


DeBussy, Clair de Lune

The song Daniel (a pianist) says is Claire’s favourite, the one she likes to hear him play – it’s not…

…this is:

Beethoven, Pathétique pt II


And to wrap up this melancholy mix:

The Payolas, Where is This Love

Working on my new novel has been a different and somewhat challenging experience. Due to my various running ailments (i.e. age), I no longer spend hours a week just listening to music. I’ve come to realize how integral music is to the process of getting to know my characters, and how much I miss getting lost in song.

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