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March Post Mid-April

I really did write a post while in London! However, it doesn’t really reflect my feelings on the place, so I suppose I’ll just post some pictures.

Lately, I want to write about so many things going on that I can’t narrow them down. Today I wrote 500 words about my trip to the UK, and realized that none of it was really worth saying. I’m stuck between wanting to explore my feelings on different issues, and wanting to save my writing time for something I already have the answers to.

I will have an essay coming out with TNQ in the coming months, as well as a short story in Room Magazine in June. I would like to tell you the dramas and intrigues that surround the creation of both of these pieces, but it all seems quite unimportant in the face of nuclear warheads and sarin gas.

Some things on my mind: the one year anniversary of moving to a new house (AKA step one in a mini/massive teardown of my old life), allies in all their forms – the role of Great Britain in colonialism, a friend who works tirelessly for Indigenous students in Regina, and, more personally, allies who have been solid in their support of me these past months.

Obviously politics is still on my mind in a big way. GSA-bashing is starting up again in Alberta, women are still being trolled and abused on social media, and more and more people are folding in on themselves, hunkering down, if you will, to avoid the stench of what is emanating from the south.

I want to talk about church and the Church, about teaching religion, and teaching in a religious school. I want to tell you about roller rinks and geo-caching and writing fiction. I want to tell you about some really wonderful books I’ve read. I want to talk about people jumping off bridges over the Thames, by choice.

I want to tell you about my slam poetry team, and the risks my students take every time they want to say something.

All these things are flying around my brain at a million miles an hour. You’d think I have enough material to post every month for years to come, but digging into the morass of my mind has been a slow process.

Look at some pictures. I’ve been using an app called Hipstamatic for years, and one of the lenses released this spring is my favourite…you just might be able to tell which one it is.

And I know I still owe one more post this month. I’m thinking about it.


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