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Clearwater and the Perseids

This past year, I have realized just how well a person can get to know the things that are important to a writer from what they write. I’ve discussed these deep connections and obsessions with many authors, including Peter Oliva, Lawrence Hill, Alissa York. In a way, people seeing so […]

The River

Funny how quickly you realize a house isn’t what makes a home. I don’t miss my old house. (I do still miss the floor – probably always will.) What I do miss already, though, are my old running routes. Before I even moved into the area, I drove over and […]

Plus ça change…

Since the school musical wrapped up in January, things have been such a whirlwind, I’ve barely had time to process the changes that are coming. We are on the final countdown to our new home. It’s energized our family, allowing us to clean – no, to scour – every corner of […]