Clearwater and the Perseids

  This past year, I have realized just how well a person can get to know the things that are important to a writer from what they write. I’ve discussed these deep connections and obsessions with many authors, including Peter Oliva, Lawrence Hill, Alissa York. In a way, people seeing […]

Sage Hill and Full Circle

  Four days later, and I still can’t put into words what going to Sage Hill this year meant to me. Conferences and retreats and residencies have always been a little bit magical for me, for the most part because of the people I meet. I have done enough of […]

The River

Funny how quickly you realize a house isn’t what makes a home. I don’t miss my old house. (I do still miss the floor – probably always will.) What I do miss already, though, are my old running routes. Before I even moved into the area, I drove over and […]

Now You Know 1

Well, that’s that. The answer I’ve been looking for – what it means to be Gomeshied. I understand the legalities of the thing. I understand innocent until proven etc. etc. That’s not what this is about. Gomeshied means status quo. Gomeshied means sit down and be quiet. It means someone […]

Addendum to Endings…um…

So – yesterday’s post caused a bit of concern amongst my friends and family. Don’t be. Please. The time time for concern was when I was in, as Anne of Green Gables would say, “The Depths of Despair.” And we all know what Marilla said about that. (If you don’t […]

Endings 5

I have written and rewritten this post so many times – that’s why such a long delay. I start with the intention of not allowing the hurt I’ve felt drive my words, but it’s clear that it still does. I fear if I don’t write them, they will clog my […]

Hearing me – Teaching Part 1b 1

Beware: Herein lies a clumsy comparison between gardening and teaching. To write about these past two years is supposed to be freeing and healing. And it is. To go unheard for that long left a lot of unsaid words stuck in my throat. It’s been a difficult thing to talk about, […]

Hearing me – Teaching (part 1) 2

Lately I’ve found there are events and words that I can’t seem to shake. And they must be shaken so I can write fiction and non-fiction that will amplify my voice in a positive way. This post is about being told I should “quit teaching.” One thing I’ve learned since I […]