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So Far Away

I know I said I’d update the blog with my UBC experience, but it’s been a week and I’m still having trouble quantifying what all happened. I speak not only of the actual learning, but the overall intensity of the whole experience. Vicky Bell (UBC alumna and member of my […]

Shine a Light…

“…if you’re going into a very dark place…then you should take a bright light and shine it on everything. If you don’t want to see, why in God’s name would you dare the dark at all?” Stephen King Afterword Full Dark, No Stars Stephen King’s On Writing is one of my […]

One Trick Pony

  On Wednesday I introduced my grade 6 Writing Group to the Patty Griffin school of writing. You may know of this lesson-I’ve used it before to great success with other classes. Basically, I take Making Pies by Patty Griffin and teach short story elements, characterization, pacing, titling-you name it, […]

House of Dreams

The Cowboy Trail, Alberta I fall into your rhythm Your beauty I do fly I rush into your melody I linger till I die… Just a Dream by Griffin House I wish I were a good enough writer to set the scene the way I want to. I’ll try. Driving […]

Keep a Weather Eye…

on the Horizon…. Things that I wish I were a good enough writer to describe… – The exact colour of Clearwater Lake the first time you see it…you never forget. – The smell of a Regina mid-winter date, snow-filled streets, a stroll around Mackenzie Art Gallery (no, I mean around […]